Liposuction Cost Prices – How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is defined as a surgical method that gets rid of fat that has accumulated on certain parts of the body. The fat is removed from body parts such as the neck, hips, buttocks, abdomen or arms using a suction technique to improve their body shape contours. Liposuction is also known as body contouring or lipoplasty.

Liposuction cannot be largely considered as weight loss for the entire body or an alternative to losing weight. Overweight people should lose weight through exercising, dieting or using bariatric methods rather than via liposuction surgery.

Before having lipoplasty surgery, you should take into account the cost and most importantly the quality of the surgery. Having a satisfied patient should be the ultimate goal of liposuction rather than basing the surgery on its price. The cost of liposuction is important as well but should not be the determinant of the surgery.


Ideal people for liposuction surgery

  • Adults looking to remove specific areas of body fat that have elastic and firm skin
  • People with good health that don’t have medical conditions or illnesses that are life threatening
  • Non smokers
  • People who want to achieve certain body shape goals and have a positive outlook

Liposuction Cons

Even if the time for recovery is fast, some bruises and scars are left on the parts where liposuction was carried out. These will fade after some months dependent on the patient’s skin elasticity.

The body shape can change significantly in cases where the excess fat settles on new parts of the body when trying to avoid the areas where liposuction was carried out.

Lipoplasty surgery involves a patient being under anesthesia which can result in the following;

  • Accidentally injuring other body organs in abdomen
  • It can cause blood clots
  • It can result in excess bleeding after doing the surgery
  • Surgical incisions effects
  • In extreme conditions, it can lead to death

However, a professional liposuction surgeon should be able to explain and make the patient understand the risks involved in carrying out the procedure. All these risks can be minimized by a qualified liposuction surgeon.

The risks involved with the surgery are greater when excess liposuction is carried out on a patient since the extent of the surgery is based on the body’s fat quantity that is to removed and the body areas to be treated.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

The charges for liposuction differ greatly thus making it hard for one to receive an accurate quote over the phone since the procedure cost should take into account numerous variables. The price of liposuction relies on area size, the method used and the effort to be used. The method known as tumescent liposuction including micro canulas delivers optimal results in many cases and therefore its worth paying for that additional charge for the tumescent process.

Liposuction treatment usually targets the following body areas:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Inner knees
  • Flanks (love-handles)
  • Upper arms
  • Hips
  • Thighs – outer thighs(saddlebags ), and inner thighs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Neckline and submental (the area under the chin)

The benefits of liposuction include:

  • It’s a safe way to remove fat from the body
  • Cellulite reduction or improvement due to cellulite appearance
  • Improved health due to loss of body fat
  • Change in physical appearance, as well as how others see you
  • Self-esteem boost
  • Shaping body parts which cannot be shaped through diet or exercises

With improvement in techniques and technology, safety is becoming better and better during the liposuction process however, you should consult your plastic surgeon to check whether the benefits outweigh the risks before carrying out any liposuction surgery.

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Factors Determining the Cost of Liposuction

Sadly, it’s hard to regulate the price of liposuction for the following reasons:how much is liposuction

  • First of all, the type of market depends on the area you live. For example the price for liposuction in New York is more compared to that of Omaha. However, in areas that experience high labor expenses and high rent, you should be prepared to pay more for your liposuction.
  • The other one is the hospital or facility cost where the process of liposuction is being carried out.
  • The experience as well as the age can determine the pricing for liposuction
  • The surgeon’s ego plays a vital role in determining the price of liposuction. Anesthesiologist who frequently carries out successful liposuction surgeries often charges higher fees for their services.
  • The surface area (size) of the body part being treated and the amount of time being consumed during the treatment also plays a big role in determining the procedure cost.
  • The cost of the supportive or nursing staff can be a determinant of the price.
  • Other regular costs such as fees on pre-op lab that include blood tests or other tests, the price of the elastic compression garments needed, prescriptions and medications for the treatment and any other special technology used to carry out the liposuction surgery.

Taking into account all the usual costs involved such as the anesthesiologist charge, doctor’s charge, costs of the operating facility as well as any other typical fees, the national average liposuction cost in the United States for a single part of the body sums up to around $4000. Having surgery on three different parts of the body varies from $6000 to $8000. If liposuction is done on five parts of the it body can cost you up to $11,000. These charges are brought about by the package deals offered by most plastic surgeons where patients can have multiple areas treated as long as they pay a flat fee to cover for the anesthesia and the facility where the operation is being carried out. Many patients usually prefer this option.

Low Cost Liposuction Can Be Expensive

A liposuction surgeon who charges less can ultimately become the most expensive since they may deliver awful results on their liposuction surgeries and you may have to part with some extra money in order for another more experienced and more expensive surgeon to redo the initial surgery carried out by the cheaper surgeon.

You should always beware of some of the most usual and unpleasant liposuction results that one could possibly expect after doing liposuction such as:

  • Liposuction which is incomplete and shows little evidence that there was actually any liposuction carried out in the first place.
  • Doing liposuction excessively whereby it results in a disfigured and unnatural appearance of the patient.
  • Results that are uneven and irregular which can lead to unsightly skin depressions
  • Scars that show that liposuction was once carried out on the patient.


Cost Tables

The table below gives some examples for the price range for liposuction on different areas of the body.

Body Area Low End Price ($) High End Price ($)
Upper and Lower Abdomen 3000 7500
Lower Abdomen only 2000 2500
Arms 1500 5000
Back 1500 4000
Female Breasts 3000 7500
Male Breasts 3000 5000
Buttocks 1500 4500
Face – (Chin, Cheeks, Jowls, and Neck) 2000 4500
Flanks 2000 5000
Hips and Waist 1600 5000
Anterior Thighs and Knees 2000 5000
Inner Thighs and Knees 2000 5000
Outer Thighs 1600 5000

The table below shows a typical breakdown of how the cost of the different surgery components will be effected when attending to multiple body parts in one surgery.

One Body Area ($) Three Body Areas ($) Five Body Areas ($)
Total Price 3,475 7,075 9,350
Surgeon 2,200 5,100 7,200
Anesthesiologist 550 775 950
Facility Fee 725 1,200 1,200
Hospital Fee 600

Surgery Pricing Breakdown

The full amount of the lipoplasty surgery is determined by the amount of the non-surgical charges in addition to the price increase for doing one or more areas of the body.

The non-surgical costs include:

  • Operating room charges
  • Fees for the nursing staff
  • Charges on the laboratory tests
  • Costs charged on the post-operative garments as well as supplies.

Surgical costs are determined by the charges of the liposuction surgery being done for every single area of the body. For instance, the total amount of liposuction carried out on the buttocks, outer thighs and hips is determined by summing up say $2500 for hips, $3200 for outer thighs, $1900 for buttocks plus a surgical fee of $1700. The result will be $9,300 (2500+3200+1900+1700).

A number of surgeons often give potential clients an itemized list that includes all the expected liposuction charges. These separate costs comprise of the following;

The surgical expenses – money paid to cater for the surgeon’s services

  • Anesthesiologist’s charges
  • Costs of the operating room
  • Costs for the pre-operative laboratory test
  • Costs for all the post-operative elastic compression garments
  • Costs for antibiotics as well as other prescribed drugs

Occasionally, surgeons use itemized costs if they have no capacity to control all of the costs related, for instance when carrying out liposuction surgery with a hospital anesthesiologist in an operating room of a hospital. Itemized charges of liposuction can be used by surgeons with a tendency of carrying out numerous surgical procedures that are not related to each other when carrying out liposuction.


Other Factors That Can Affect Liposuction Prices

A liposuction expert surgeon having done multiple surgeries which time and again accomplishes successful operations has high demands thus charging more compared to a surgeon with less experience. Surgeons who usually don’t have a busy schedule may give discounts or use other methods such as free consultations in order to entice potential clients.

A surgeon who doesn’t give desirable results or doesn’t have a good reputation often lowers the charges for liposuction so as to attract new clients. Also geographical locations that have a higher cost of living usually experience higher liposuction costs.

The Time and Effort Expected for Liposuction

The time and effort anticipated for carrying out a successful liposuction surgery is a vital determining factor for liposuction cost. The factors that normally affect the effort and time of the surgeon are as follows:

  • The number of body areas where the surgery is being carried on
  • The patient’s size
  • Expected degree of difficulty in carrying out the surgery

Therefore, the fees charged after carrying out liposuction on the abdomen only is lesser compared to carrying out liposuction on the abdomen as well as the knees and inner thighs. Likewise carrying out liposuction of the abdomen on patients whose weight is 80 kilograms (176 pounds) can be more costly in comparison to carrying out abdominal liposuction to patients weighing not more than 60 kilograms (132 pounds).

It’s more difficult to carry out liposuction on a patient that has experienced some weight gain in the past and then substantial loss of weight. It’s more difficult to carry out liposuction on a body area that had liposuction previously done on it since the fat usually has some scar tissue.

All Inclusive Liposuction Prices

liposuction surgery pricingThere is a common use of the global cost of liposuction if the surgery is carried out in the office of the surgeon or the surgery center. Patients, after calling the surgeon looking for a quote should be able to specify whether they are looking for a total global price or a mere surgical fee, since an employee in the office can answer the call and give a cost breakdown based on the surgeon’s charges. This is important to note as some admin staff may fail to give crucial details regarding on the charges of the anesthesiologist and cost of the room where the operation will take place.



Estimates over the phone are not very accurate

Unless the surgeon thoroughly examines the patient, it’s usually very hard to determine the actual cost estimate for a specific liposuction procedure. A client can expect to be provided with the cost range or get at least the minimum amount charged when liposuction is carried out on a certain area of the body. For instance, if a doctor always gives a quotation based on all-inclusive global charges for liposuction, then the admin staff may state that for example; the minimum cost for liposuction on the abdomen is between $4000 and $7000.

Written cost estimate

It’s important to have a written cost estimate for the liposuction surgery. Always be cautious about dishonest surgeons when it comes to liposuction charges.

Financing and loans

Cosmetic surgery financing and loans can be attained from private finance companies. In most cases, patients can use a credit card to pay for their liposuction surgery. You should think long and hard before placing yourself into debt so that you can have liposuction surgery, since it’s widely considered as a luxury and not a necessity.

Insurance Coverage and Liposuction surgery

It’s important to note that the costs of liposuction and the complications that may accompany the surgery are not covered by most health insurances.


When looking for a plastic surgeon make sure they are certified and always bare in mind that the experience, comfort and trust of your surgeon is key. These are just as crucial as the total price amount of the entire surgery.

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Non Invasive Liposuction Alternatives

Non Invasive Liposuction

Non Surgical Alternatives to Liposuction

There are now non surgical and non invasive liposuction alternatives that do not require surgery at all and these methods can actually deliver results that are almost the same as standard liposuction without actually facing the knife. Non surgical liposuction alternatives approved by FDA are perceived to be safer, less traumatic and more efficient when compared to surgical liposuction. Furthermore, the time for recovery using these non invasive methods quickens the recovery process.

Non surgical liposuction alternatives make use of radio frequency waves, lasers or high-intensity ultrasound to liquefy the body fat without having to open up the skin. Even massage is a non surgical technique used to get rid of fat.  The liquid fat is eliminated afterwards from the body through the body’s own waste disposal methods. Also cardio exercise can be used after treatment to improve the process of fat removal.

Benefits of Lipo Without Surgery

  • Simplicity and convenience – many people don’t like the idea of facing the knife. Since non surgical liposuction doesn’t involve surgery, it’s therefore appealing to many candidates.
  • Gentle to the body – non surgical techniques are gentle to the body when compared to the surgical techniques. The body does not undergo bruising, swelling and bleeding during the process and there is minimal discomfort involved.
  • General anesthesia is not required since the body won’t be opened up for treatment. Anesthesia has numerous risks that accompany it, therefore avoiding it is good.
  • Quick recovery period – The period for recovery using the non surgical technique is fast.
  • Cost effective – non surgical liposuction options are very cost effective compared to surgical liposuction.


How Does Ultrasonic Liposuction Work?

Ultrasonic liposuction makes use of concentrated waves to permanently get rid of fat cells. Once the cells have been removed, they cannot re-grow. The ultrasonic waves interrupt the fatty cell walls under the skin in the sub-cutaneous fat layer without causing any pain while leaving other tissues like nerves and blood vessels unharmed.

Since fat cells have no capacity to multiply, when they are removed they cannot return therefore ensuring a lasting solution for fat reduction.

The long term effects of the treatment really depend on the patient. The amount of treatment one received and the amount exercise one undertakes will all contribute to the long-term shaping of the body. If a patient continues to consume more calories than they are supposed to after the procedure, there will be an increase in fat as well as body weight, therefore not achieving any permanent and long lasting fat cell removal.

Using ultrasonic liposuction and making sure you eat sensibly and perform some activities like sports and exercise to get your muscles working can really assist greatly in reshaping the body. However, ultrasonic liposuction should not be an excuse to do fewer exercises and eat more.

Where does the removed fat go?

This is a frequently asked question. All the removed fat is transported in the bloodstream via lymphatic vessels and veins heading to the liver where processing begins. Ultrasonic liposuction just like the surgical liposuction assists in restyling the body shape but not weight loss.

How soon can a patient see the results?

A patient can witness results after the first treatment but the effects improve over time after undergoing 4 treatments. To get maximum results, a patient needs a minimum of 12 to 18 sessions per area.

After ultrasonic liposuction the treated fat cells have no capability to re-grow or return giving a long term effect. However, the entire reshaping of your body solely depends on you. The body shape can be influenced by the amount of exercise you undertake or the diet that you consume. If the amount of calories consumed is more than the ones used by the body, the body will gain more fat and weight which will therefore hide the permanent removal of fat cells from your body.

After ultrasonic liposuction treatment, any weight gain or loss is distributed evenly across the entire body. When the fat is eliminated from the body, it’s gone for good. A patient should maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing exercises and dieting.

Ultrasonic Liposuction Side Effects

There are no any recorded side effects for ultrasonic liposuction. It’s a very safe treatment since its non invasive and non surgical.

Who should perform ultrasonic liposuction treatment?

Ultrasonic liposuction treatment should be carried out by a well trained therapist

Who is not fit for ultrasonic liposuction treatment?

People looking for ultrasonic liposuction treatment should consult their therapist to determine whether they are fit to undergo the treatment. Some individual situations may make this therapy not and ideal solution for some people.

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Non Invasive Lipo Video Q&A

Below is an excellent in-depth Q&A video interview with a patient just 24 hours after undergoing non surgical liposuction. Enjoy!